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Fee Guide and Finance Options

Our prices are private fees which are specific to individual circumstances and will be confirmed prior to any treatment and supplied in writing in the form of a treatment plan. Please feel free to ask the Able Denture Clinic team any questions you may have.

At Able Denture Clinic we want to make paying for your dental treatment as flexible as possible, while tailoring it to your needs and to provide you with payment options. 

  • Consultation and Assessment
    Missing Tooth Consultation Free of charge New Patient Oral Health Assessment £80 (includes X-rays) Implant Consultation & Records £120 Routine Examination £40 Digital X-rays £13 each Study Models £60
  • Dentures
    Denture Repairs (includes post-repair bite check/adjustments) £90 Clinical Denture Repairs (includes impressions and post-repair bite check/adjustments) £120 Adjustment of Dentures From £40 Laboratory Denture Cleaning £25 Addition of Tooth or Clasp to Existing Denture From £175 Reline £225 per denture (£400 upper and lower) Rebase £250 per denture (£450 upper and lower) Partial Acrylic Dentures £400 – £1,150 Wrought Clasps From £60 Full Acrylic Upper OR Lower Denture From £1150 Upper and Lower Acrylic Dentures From £2300 Cobalt Chrome Dentures Upper ORLower From £1,450
  • Periodontal Treatment
    Full Mouth Scaling and Polishing £75 Advanced Periodontal Scaling and Deep Cleaning From £120 per visit
  • Restorations
    Composite (tooth coloured) Fillings: Small Filling From £120 Medium Filling From £165 Large Filling From £195 Contouring/ Tooth Adjustment From £40 Crowns & Onlays From £625 Bridges From £625 per unit Adhesive Bridges From £750 Veneers From £650
  • Extractions
    Extraction From £150 Surgical Extraction From £275
  • Root Canal Filling
    Incisor/canine From £350 Premolar From £450 Molar From £550
  • Dental Implants
    Implant Placement and Crown (single tooth) From £2,750 Bone Graft From £550 Implant Assisted Denture Lower (2 implants) From £4,950 Implant Assisted Denture Upper (4 implants) From £6,950 All-in-4 (Teeth in a Day) From £14,999
  • Tooth Whitening
    Home Tooth Whitening Kit (day or night) £400 Whitening Gel £25 per syringe
  • Mouthguards/Retainers
    Removable Retainers From £200 each Sports Mouthguard From £150 Nightguard/Soft Splint From £150
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